Red Clover

Organically grown and sustainably harvested.

Botanical Name: Trifolium pratense

Red Clover is a detoxifying herb that is known as a blood purifier. It has a particularly strong action on the lymphatic system, helping to improve flow and drainage. 

For women's health, red clover is used primarily to treat hot flashes and night sweats during menopause, red clover has also been used to treat high blood pressure, improve bone strength, and boost immunity. It’s generally considered safe.

Red clover contains phytoestrogens, a plant-based form of estrogen, which helps improve the hormonal imbalances caused by menopause.

Precautions: No known precautions.

Looking for a tea blend that contains Red Clover? Try our Menopause Relief Tea or our Fertility Infusion Tea or our Lymphatic Detox Tea.


Collections: Dried Herbs

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