Men's Shaving and Grooming Set

Our Men's Shaving and Grooming set will transform shaving into something to look forward to rather than a chore to despise. The set comes complete with a matching safety razor, extra blades, shaving brush and stand. The sexy, matte black finish will enhance your traditional wet shave experience.

Create a luxurious lather with our vegan Shaving Brush - made with synthetic Badger hair for those who may have allergies to animal hair. The handle is designed according to the principle of ergonomics - easy to hold tightly.

Ideal for use with Safety Razors; Double Edge Razors; Straight Razors and all types of Shaving Razors. Disassembles easily for travel and storage.

Manufactured of durable chome plated material this attractive and well built shave stand will last for years Anti-slip bottom EVA mat protects your favorite shaving tools and your counter. Will fit most standard Razors and most standard brushes. 

Collections: Men's Skin and Body Care

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