Wood Betony

Organically grown and harvested 

Botanical Name: Pedicularis Canadensis

Wood Betony is an herb with specific and tonic properties. As a tonic it has long been associated with the solar plexus region of the body and is an excellent digestive tonic. It improves circulation and harmonizes the functions of the digestive system. In combination with its calming effects, it is excellent for digestive distress caused by nervous tension, anxiety, and depression. It can stimulate weak digestion while its also soothes and calms. As such, it can be great for easing the symptoms of inflammatory digestive conditions. It is slightly warming and gently invigorates the system. It stimulates the appetite and supports those that are emaciated and depleted.

It also supports a healthy nervous system, relieving stress and tension from the mind and body. So powerful, it often only takes one sip of an infusion to feel the shoulders fall and the muscles begin to melt and soften. Long associated with the head, it helps relieve headaches, particularly if they are caused by tension. It is a wonderful addition to any sleep formula and helps support healthy sleep, especially if wakefulness is caused by those “churning thoughts that just wont stop.”

Wood Betony improves memory and concentration, much like Gingko, but more effective. In combination with its calming effect, it is excellent for exams and other stressful situations that require focus. It’s invigorating (without stimulating), tonifiying, and nervine properties combine to make it a wonderful herb for the elderly and those recovering from long illness. Externally, it has similar wound healing properties as yarrow and is excellent as a wash for burns.

Wood Betony is a great herb for when you just feel off but are not sure of the problem.


Collections: Dried Herbs

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