Tea Tasting Journal

Capture everything that matters in your Tea Tasting adventures!

This carefully designed log book provides a convenient way for you to keep record of the brews you have tried and tasted, including their general profiles, preparation details, taste notes and other information. An excellent tool that allows you to review and rate tea according to the most important factors and helps you remember your favorites. A truly handy companion for tea enthusiasts or anyone looking to keep a personal reference of their tasting activities, build up their tea knowledge, develop their flavor sense and palate, and make the most out of tasting experiences!

What's Inside:
- Index (up to 104 teas)
- Name, Origin, Vendor, Price, Tasting Date
- Brew Method, Measure, Steep Time, Temp.
- Tea Type
- Dry Leaf, Infused Leaf
- Flavor Wheel
- Liquor Appearance
- Aroma
- Palate
- Finish
- Prepared With
- Additional Notes
- Score

A wonderful gift for tea lovers, producers, connoisseurs, or anyone looking to take their tea familiarity to the next level.

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