Herbal Postpartum Bath Soak

Our herbal postpartum bath soak is a healing and relaxing blend for women in the immediate postpartum, and for use in the weeks of recovery following birth. One bag contains 7 pre-filled sachets. Enough for a full week of soothing herbal baths.

For use as a soaking bath or sitz bath: Place one bag in a bowl or pitcher, pour 8 cups of boiling water over the bag. Allow to steep, covered, for 30 minutes. Pour into your bath and enjoy. For use as an herbal compress: Soak a clean cloth in the herbal infusion and apply cold to the perineum as needed to reduce tenderness and swelling. Alternatively you can pour the infusion over maxi-pads, place inside freezer bags and freeze ahead of time to use as soothing ice packs after baby is born. For use as a peri-rinse: Fill a peri bottle with the strained liquid at warm body temperature. Squeeze over the perineal area to reduce discomfort and stinging.

Organic, sustainably sourced ingredients: Oregon Grape Root, Shepherds Purse, Comfrey Leaf, Chamomile Flower, Lavender, Raspberry Leaf, Yarrow, Calendula Flower, Uva Ursi Leaf, Plantain Leaf, Epsom Salt.

Collections: Mom and Baby

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