Athlete's Self Care Bundle

This self-care bundle is designed with athletes in mind. Our Post Exercise tea blend will restore energy, soothe tired muscles, and reduce inflammation. We include a stainless steel tea strainer and a packet of beet root sugar crystals for the perfect cup of tea. Our magnesium-rich Spearmint bath salt will soothe the muscular system and aid in both mental and physical rejuvenation. 

Treat your tired feet to our Peppermint Tingle Sugar Scrub, which is made with stimulating peppermint essential oil and menthol crystals to provide an invigorating blast to the senses and tingle to the skin. Green jojoba oil beads are added for a gentle, yet hydrating exfoliation. 

Our Menthol Muscle Rub and Sore Muscle Massage Oil are perfect for sore, achy muscles. Use slow strokes and deep finger pressure to relieve tension from the deepest layers of your muscles and connective tissues. 

Our Non Petroleum Jelly is perfect to use as a body glide to prevent chafing.  Keep your lips hydrated with our all-natural beeswax lip balm.

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