Pokeweed Berry Ink

At Curate Essentials, we love wildcrafting and experimenting with local plants. In the summer months, Pokeweed can be found growing all over the place. The magenta colored berries can be made into ink and used for writing with a calligraphy pen or used as watercolors for painting. Th ink is fermented with vinegar, which allows color to last longer. Learn more about the process on our blog.

Ingredients: Pokeweed Berry juice and vinegar.

The ink comes packaged in a 2 oz clear glass bottle with the Curate Essentials logo stamped in wax on the lid. A perfect gift for the creative people in your life. Check out our collection of calligraphy pens and writing journals.

*Pokeweed is an invasive, poisonous plant. If you want to try making your own ink at home, use gloves when touching the plant and DO NOT eat the berries.

Collections: Printed Visual Journals

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