Flu Season Tea

Influenza is different from a regular head cold. Your bones and muscles ache and a high temperature can make you feel very unwell. This healing tea is bursting with herbs to ease discomfort and promote healing. Boneset eases the pain, elderberry and St. John's wort fight the virus, while echinacea boosts your immune system. Elderflower is included to break your fever. Avoid drinking this tea if you have high blood pressure or are taking antidepressant or other medication.

Sustainably sourced, organic Ingredients: Boneset, Echinacea Root, Elderberry, Elderflower, St John's Wort.


Amount of water will vary with desired taste.

Pour 1 cup water over 1 tablespoon of tea. Steep for 10 minutes then strain. Multiply recipe for a larger batch.

While the tea is still hot, stir in honey if desired. Drink some immediately and pour the rest into a Thermos flask so you can drink the tea throughout the day to help ease your symptoms and fight the virus.

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