Ferrous Sulfate (Iron) Powder

Ferrous sulphate is a modifier or color shifter in the eco printing process. 

Ferrous Sulphate is called 'the sad modifier' because it tends to darken the colors of botanical prints.

Dissolve 1-2 tsp ferrous sulfate powder in a quart jar of hot water. Add some of the mixture to a smaller container and dip fresh botanicals in the solution then layer in bundles. If you want darker prints you can add more ferrous sulfate powder to the water.

This solution will last indefinitely when stored in a quart jar with a lid. Shake jar before use.

Heath and Safety

Do not ingest. Do not breathe dust. Wear protective gloves, safety goggles and a dust mask when handling fine modifiers.


 Net Weight: 1 oz

Collections: Supplies

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