Friendship House Flute

Curate Essentials offers freshly extracted local honey, directly from hive to bottle from the Friendship House Garden, Fayetteville. Enjoy a daily taste of this all natural, golden goodness.

1 lb of honey bottled in a beautiful glass flute, this honey is the perfect hostess gift or other occasion.

Friendship House Fayetteville is an intentional living community that provides affordable, integrated housing for young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (friend residents), with a unique focus on college students and young professionals in the healthcare, allied health, and human service fields.

Friendship House has a transformative effect on students and friends alike. As a gateway to independent living, friend residents are supported by rehabilitation staff to achieve sustainable employment while developing independent living skills. To gain a stronger sense of awareness and education, college students and young professionals serve as mentors and develop a stronger empathy in community living and their professional endeavors.

Collections: Local Honey

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