Eco-Printed Infinity Scarf - "Austin"

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Our Austin soft-knit infinity scarf is endlessly customizable and transforms with easy twists and turns. Match it to the weather or occasion by wearing it single or double wrapped. A great post-workout companion, this wash-friendly, light eco-chic accessory is produced from recycled materials.

Eco-printing is a technique where plants, leaves and flowers leave their shapes, color, and marks on fabric. Plant material bundled inside of cloth is steamed or boiled to release the dye found naturally inside the plant, creating a contact print in the shape of the leaf or flower used.

We do all of our own eco printing at Curate Essentials, then have the designs professionally printed as scarves.

Materials: 96% recycled polyester, 4% spandex.

Care: Machine cold wash. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean. Hang to Dry.

Dimensions: 81" Circumference x 15" Width.

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